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Videography & Photography

I am here to help you create the videos you imagine in your head! More often than not, I am involved with music videos, although I can also make corporate videos, or promo videos for your restaurant/club/bar or business. Pricing differs with regards to the nature of the video and how long the pre & post production takes. 

Usually a relatively normal band video sits around the £250,- mark and a narrative story based video is around £300,- depending on the aforementioned variables. Interactive videos, which let the viewer decide what happens, or sends them to web pages, cost more and are usually £500,- pounds or more, again, depending on how many quizzes, options and branches your video requires. I also do photography, which you can see at the bottom of this page under the videos. My usual fee for a band photoshoot is £50,- for 2 hours and 2 locations. (The gear I use is listed at the bottom of this page.)

(For enquiries with regards to pricing etc. contact me through the 'contact' page under more at the top of this website.)


Videos I Storyboarded, Wrote The Music For, Filmed & Edited


Videos I Storyboarded, Wrote The Music For & Edited

Studio Documentaries & Band Videos I made

For This Video I was Only Involved With The Editing/Post Production Process 

'Dusk' an Interactive Video I Created​ (Incl. Music)


Photography Work I've Done

Gear & Software I Use For Films & Photos

  • Sony A7Sii

  • Nikon D7100

  • Ronin-M

  • Neewer Led Lighting Panels

  • Feel World Field Monitor

  • Selection of Lenses

  • Go Pro Hero 4 (For Action Shots)

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Gorilla Tripod / Regular Tripod

  • Zoom H4N

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