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Examples & Evidence

Appendices C1-C19

All videos have examples and my comments on them, so don't be confused by the thumbnail of me talking.

Every video has a video/audio snippet/piece of evidence/relevant data.

IT is also worth mentioning that I hosted some videos on Youtube due to file size constraints of my Wix based Website.

Unfortunately I discovered (after completing it) that these can't be played in full-screen. Also, skipping isn't possible. I would have hosted everything on youtube, seeing my use of the starship trooper falls under fair & educational usage.

However, the youtube detection system has proved to be intolerant.

Appendix C1

Appendix C2

Although I did post these snippets at the time, I deemed the quality of the cover to be subpar, and never released the cover in its entirety.

Appendix C3

Tempo Map Contemporary Click Based Version (example Life Seeker)

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 16.22.42.png

Appendix C4

Appendix C5

Appendix C6

Appendix C7

Appendix C8

IT is visible that the waveforms (Overheads) on the right are more dynamic judging from the density and regularity of levels throughout

(see line that touches highest peak on the left version, showing that the waveforms on the right are less often peaking at that level)

Waveform Comparison copy.png

Appendix C9

Appendix C10

Appendix C11

Appendix C12

Screenshot 2020-11-02 at 18.48.22.png

This song structure I mapped out can be used to find the right section in C12 & C13 (the original Recording).

Appendix C13

Appendix C14


Appendix C15

Appendix C16

Appendix C18

Appendix C17

Appendix C19

My Interview With Pablo van den Poel

Chosen Version & Free Time Version

Here you can find the ultimate version (it's not completely done, only Electric guitar, bass and drums).

It's unmixed and unedited, so all of the sections have big gaps in between.

(When I finish I might re-track guitar and bass due to tuning issues, but it gives an idea.)

I also added an unedited/mixed version of the free time recording, seeing it might be interesting for some, given it wasn't referenced and compared as much as the contemporary and organic versions in the examples above.

Unfinished Dry Ultimate Version_1Artist Name
00:00 / 10:19
Free Time Version Raw_1Artist Name
00:00 / 11:59
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