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My Solo Work

Most, but not all, of my solo work combines music with moving image, which is why I'm also active in the practice of videography. I've only just started out as a solo composer and use most of my ideas for my band Delta Works, therefore I haven't built up a really large portfolio of original music yet. Currently I am working on expanding my portfolio of solo music by writing, scoring and playing more music alone.

Two of my most recent project include two conceptual assignments, which I created for my Master's degree course. One of these projects was an interactive music video called 'Dusk', in which the viewer/listener gets to decide where the music and story goes, inspired by films such as Bandersnatch (2018). The music in 'Dusk' is quite dark, reflecting the subject matter of the video. It served as a pilot (experiment) for a future full scale production, which will be longer in duration and will incorporate even more interactive elements.

For the other assignment I focused on combining musical timbres which were foreign to me at the time. This resulted in two tracks, on of which explores the timbres of Turkish & Tuvan music in a more traditional sense. The second track, combines elements of Tuvan & Turkish music with Prog Rock/Metal. All of these track including the 'Dusk' music video and another 1 minute short film I created and scored, can be watched/listened to below.

My speciality is making 'less traditional' scores, in the sense that the music is not necessarily orchestrally based. Often, I create scores in a more modern 'band context', or use traditional acoustic instruments, depending on what the film needs. I can however also create an orchestral score for your project or short film on request, or anything particular you are after for your project (Electronic, Synth, etc.)


Get in touch with me through the contact page!


Dusk (Interactive Music Video) 


My Experimentation with Eastern Timbres


A 1 Minute Short Film I Created and Scored

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