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Session Work

Over the years I have played on quite a few recordings and I feel comfortable playing  in many different styles. My specialities are Pop, Blues, Rock & Metal. (I'm not a Jazz Musician) For some examples of my playing you check out my Instagram account which is linked below. Of Course Delta Works music is also a good example of what my playing sounds like! If you'd like me to play on your track, hit me up through the contact page! I can remotely record over your track and send you back high quality stems, which you can then insert into your project! Alternatively, I can come to your studio if it's nearby. For more information on the gear I use, see the 'Lowland Studios' page (at the top).


Since I really love playing and want to get more into session playing, I am currently doing session recordings for FREE!!!!


Send me your music and lets make it happen!!

(See Spotify and Instagram Below)


Delta Works

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