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Lowland Studios

"We recorded vocal and guitar overdubs for our new album with Folly at Lowland Studios, and it couldn't have been a more comfortable and creative experience. He made us feel totally at ease, the vibe was great and he clearly knows what he is doing, both as an engineer and producer. "

                                                             - Josh Thomas (The Case of Us & Quiet Tiger)

Lowland Studios is my studio, which is attached to my house. It was originally a garage, but it has since been converted into a high quality, acoustically treated home recording studio. From here I am active as both a producer and sound engineer. Whether it's a demo, single or EP, I can facilitate your project!

The studio is fitted with a wide range of professional gear with which we can effectuate your musical goals, which includes instruments! (For gear, see list below) Slots are available on the weekends and non-drum recording slots also during the week. These slots include me as your engineer/producer/session player/ studio videographer, depending on what you want to do and what your budget is. For a full single production, with mixing & mastering (incl. 2 mix adjustments) I usually charge around £150,-

This however depends on several variables, so please contact me for enquiries!!

*** All of my rates are based on what I believe to be the value of my services. For instance, Lowland production/studio rates reflect my personal level of 'comfortallity'  (I know it is comfortableness, but I made up that word and love it!)  within said field. My studio is by no means a fully fledged professional institution, nor are my productions skills equivalent to more experienced producers like Chris Lord Alge, or less known pros. I can however make you a banging recording for a low fee and play Guitar, Drums and Bass (among other instruments), on your recording. Furthermore I can take photos for you, as well as create a music video within your budget. This means you can pay me for a 'full package' as a songwriter and save money by paying one person for all those jobs. This means you can get everything you need next to the recording of your song to go along with your release!!!!


(I consider that good value for money, if you look at my portfolio in my different areas of work.

Recording Gear Available At The Studio

  • A Farida Jazz Bass (Fender Copy)

  • African & Other drums

  • Baglama Saz (Turkish String Instrument)

  • Vocal Mic Reflection Shield

  • Røde NT2-A

  • AKG C214s

  • AKG 451b

  • AKG D40s

  • Sure SM 57s

  • Sure SM 58

  • AKG D12 VR

  • Stage XLR Socket Box

  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Always good to have!)

  • Vic Firth Sticks & Dowels

  • A Selection of Different Plectrums

  • Acoustic & Electric Gibson, Guild, Custom, Fender & Washburn Guitars

  • Mackie Onyx 1640i

  • Mackie Big Knob 

  • JBL lsr308 Studio Monitors

  • KOCH ATR-4502 Power Amp

  • PC Workstation incl. Pro Tools 12

  • Macbook Pro incl. Logic X & Pro Tools 12

  • Waves Diamond Plugin Collection

  • Slate Audio Studio Plugin Bundle

  • Behringer Powerplay 8000 Headphone Amp

  • M-Audio Axiom Air 61(Midi Keyboard)

  • A Custom built Cabinet Isolation Box

  • Brunetti Singleman

  • Marshall AFD 100

  • A wide Range of 20+ Pedals

  • Different Sets of Studio Headphones 

  • 5 Piece Gretsch Renown Series Drum Kit 

  • Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

  • Splenty of Mic Stands

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