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"Folly truly is a lover of bread and other doughy food products"

                                                             - Local Bakery

Short Bio

I was born in Goes on the 4th of February 1997 and grew up in a small town called Zierikzee. Later I moved to Westenschouwen which is located on the same island called  'Schouwen-Duiveland'. After finishing primary school I started attending high school in Goes, from which I graduated when I was 18. To pursue my dreams and broaden my horizons as an artist, I decided to study abroad and moved to Brighton where I successfully obtained my BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship from the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music. At the moment I am still located in Brighton where I now study a Master's degree in Music and Sonic Media at the University of Sussex. Furthermore, my band is also based in Brighton and my studio (Lowland Studios) is also situated next to my house in the same city, so it's likely I'll stay here in the foreseeable future. Unless Brexit forces me to move somewhere else.


Goals​ & Ethos

By combining different elements from my personal influences with my own notions on how to create art, I aim to make interesting pieces that don't adhere to current commercial standards. This principle applies not only to my music, but my other projects as well, such as my videography. To ensure continuous personal improvement, I try to gain as much new knowledge as I possibly can on a daily basis. Both through my university coursework, as well as self experimentation, I am exposed to fresh new concepts and ideas that I implement in my work.


If you ask me, anyone can improve, even people that are perceived to be 'the best of the best' at what they do, because their potential future selves can be even better! For that reason, just because you can do something 'well enough', doesn't mean you can't do it even better! For me personally, the most enjoyable and exciting thing is to be able to create an art piece without any external help. Of course collaboration is great, but sometimes creating every single element in a 'Gesamtkunstwerk' alone, can really give you a kick! An example of this is 'Dusk' my interactive music video (pilot) experiment, for which I both wrote, shot and edited the video for, as well as recorded and produced all of the instruments and music.


For this reason I try to be open to learning new skills I haven't mastered yet, as long as they are of interest/potential future use to me. Obviously I haven't truly mastered any of the skills in my skillset, but in most cases they are of a high enough level to use in my projects. I always figure that if someone can do something, there is no reason why I can't do the same. After all, people are just people, just like me and everything is easy once you master it. Additionally, you don't need to be as good as them anyway, you just need to do it your own way, because there is no point in directly copying other people. Besides, the more hats you wear, the more you can create independently and the less you need to rely on other people who might not understand your vision and aren't dedicated.


Of course I am only 21 and I have much to learn as an aspiring musician, artist, videographer etc...., who's just starting out in this world as a professional (I fucking hate the term professional). But then again, most of the stuff I see online (not everything) is mediocre or bad, yet it is made by other so called 'professionals' who charge high fees for their work, so why shouldn't I?


I am me and that's the most important thing (duh). All I want to become is a better version of my former self (that is a bit cringy, but it is just true though) and if you choose to work with me, you will get something that is totally me, not a copy of someone else's work, probably not even better than someone else's work, but at least it will unmistakably be my work. 

---- Also seeing that I'm just starting out my fees are lower ; ) , which is always a major plus ++++ ----


Yes, this is one of those inspiring 'check me staring at the sky'  photos , I had the photo, so I figured ''I might as well use it'', especially considering a generic photo goes well with the generic cringeworthy mandatory bio story.

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