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My website was ancient, so I decided to take it down for the time being. I hope that at some point this year I'll have time to update everything. For now please check out my instagram, Youtube and musicjobs page(s) those have plenty of portfolio material. I also included my contact details below. 
Thanks!  - Folly AKA

My name is BarryLimestone (Folly den Toom), I am an independent freelance artist based in Brighton (UK). Originally I am from Zeeland, a provence in the Netherlands, but I moved to the United Kingdom to study and broaden my personal / artistic horizons. I recently obtained an MA in Music and Sonic Media from the University of Sussex and before that I acquired a BA (HONS) in Professional Musicianship from BIMM. Currently I'm studying Record Production (MA) at the London College of Music (LCM) part of the University of West London.


I spend most of my time writing and recording with my own bands, as well as producing others. I also actively create (solo) original music and art, herein often combining music and moving image. I always strive to keep improving as an artist and use my social media accounts to showcase my progress, much like a personal 'achievement diary'. 

     I am active in the following fields

  • Session Playing (Guitar)

  • Composition

  • MD(ing) & Songwriting in Delta Works & Earthlung

  • Videography & Photography

  • Post Production / Video Editing

  • Sound Engineering / Mixing / Producing (Lowland Studios)

  • Basic Guitar Service / Repairs and Modifications

  • Building DIY music Gear & Tools

  • Youtube

  • Metal Detecting

  • Loving Bread & Loose Leaf teas


Despite my aim to keep growing in all of the aforementioned fields, I am confident enough with my personal skill levels to offer my as services on a freelance basis. On this website I have dedicated individual pages to relevant portfolio material per so-called 'area of expertise'. I do however realize I have a long way to go and don't charge high rates as I am still learning and growing.


For any inquiries go to the 'contact' page and use of one of the optional methods to contact me. Furthermore, if you are an artist or company looking to collaborate, I am also contactable through the same page. ​(This includes gear reviews and/or sponsoring & advertising.)


To see what I'm working on, check out my social media pages!! I often post on Instagram and Facebook where you can see where I am and what I'm up to....

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